The Henry Santos Collection

As CEO of HustleHard Entertainment LLC, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the VIP experience of the Henry Santos Universe. Not only would you be able to be the first to know about new products, upcoming events, exclusive merchandise and news, but also take advantage of great discounts with the secret VIP code GOTTAHUSTLEHARD when prompted.


As part of our continued growth, we are pleased to announce that 5 new products will be added to our current exclusive Henry Santos inventory: 


  1. Introducing Henry Santos (Physical Album)
  2. Henry Santos My Way (Physical Album)
  3. Henry Santos The Third Deluxe (Physical Album)
  4. Shut Up & Listen (Physical Album)
  5. Friends & Legends (Physical Album)


This is great news for all of our beloved Henry Santos fans as well as all Aventura fans around the world, who have requested these original products in physical format to complete their original Aventura members Album Collection. 


These new products are scheduled to start shipping on June 1st , and as part of our Thank You initiative, all products will be shipped with an autographed flier of authenticity (and a dedication upon request) from Henry Santos himself! It doesn't get any more personal than this! 


Be on the lookout for our informative emails when you subscribe to our email list at, and be sure to tag us on your 

posts with your most recent purchase of Henry Santos products, Hashtag #GottaHustleHard, we'll happily showcase your page on all our social media as well as all Henry Santos social media.


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